puntes productos de cauchos

After five decades of specialisation, today Cauchos Puntes is the result of the extensive development of technologies and materials which have become more and more complex and varied, where only the best can respond to 100% of their clients’ needs

In fact our guarantee is reflected precisely in our client base. Close collaboration and a personalised service are the key factors which have enabled us to develop a vast range of products and to become market leaders.

These achievements would never have been possible without a committed team of skilled professionals. Service and responsibility are the basic principles of our people

Our technicians will advise you on the study, research and development of all the aspects involved in designing each piece. No challenge is too big for us. Our capacity and our different processes enable us to cover a wide range of sectors. Five different processing techniques: extrusion, injection, compression, roller covering and photomechanics, give us great versatility in the elaboration of any rubber product.

Located just 4km outside Zaragoza our installations cover an area of 6,000m2, and we control the whole manufacturing process from here. This gives us great production capacity and guarantees high quality and competitive prices.

Come and meet us.